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Tips for a good "showup"

Fresh and fruity


If you want to purchase new clothing for the session, keep in mind that you will continue to recognize yourself in the images we make. For example, don't choose a style that you would normally never wear. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in it. Try to avoid streaks and busy prints. As well as large printed brand names or other texts. Besides the fact that certain brands are fashionably time-bound, they distract from the subject. Try to opt for a timeless design or style.

You can also choose to use PMW's Closet, this is a client closet from which you can borrow clothes and other props for your photo shoot!

If you find it difficult to figure out a good color combination, take monochromatic colors as a starting point, they give a lot of peace in the image.

Wear little or no jewelry, keep it subtle, unless it is part of your personality. Less is more. Remove rings one day prior to the session so that the skin can recover.
Do not apply oils or fat cream to the skin on the day of the session, as these can cause nasty reflections.

Clean and cared for

Equine (horses)

Make sure you take plenty of time to prepare your horse the day before the session and on the day itself. Wash your horse the night before or a few hours before the session and then put him or her in the stable until we start the shoot. The mane and tail are clean, brushed and possibly braided, do not braid too tightly to avoid an unwanted wave. Groom your horse as if you are going to a show, and have hoof oil or grease ready before the session starts, do not use it yet as it is not sure yet if it will be necessary. Make sure the nose and the corners of the mouth are clean, if necessary, lubricate the front of the nose very lightly with some (baby) oil. When using a bridle with a bit, make sure that they are clean and neat.

If your horse is a little nervous or energetic, it is good to lunge or ride prior to the session. This might help take the edge off.

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