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How it works


We tell stories together...

You are interested in booking a session with me, great!

First of all, we discuss your reason for booking your session with me by phone. We also discuss what your wishes are and what you expect from me as a photographer. There may be limitations you place on yourself in choosing a particular style. As a result of our conversation I can advise you what my vision is and how I imagine a setting to tell your story. Based on this information, we look for a suitable location and discuss an outfit to complete the style.


Photography mainly takes place outdoors. You can choose your favorite location yourself or let me inspire you. Together we look for a place that appeals to you the most and that best suits the story you want to tell. You can think of a forest, the beach, a shopping street, dunes, flower fields or even at your home.

You can also choose to book a session at an indoor location or in a photo studio.

Please note that some locations may incur additional costs.


Calm Serenity: Together you tell a story that I will love to translate into a wonderful memory. The framing of your unbreakable bond usually takes place at an outdoor location. You can also choose to only have your horse captured in a dreamy setting.

Shine Bright: * Your horse will be put in the spotlight in the form of a glamor shoot. This means that you can choose from a diversity of decorations and accessories. Such as gold leafs, rhinestones, glitter, feathers and other materials.

Classic Black: * A session with a black background in which I portray your horse in the most natural way possible. Without rigging or at most a beautiful bridle or halter.

Mystic Moments: ** Action photos of your horse can be taken in a beautiful natural and raw environment during, for example, the golden hour. Do you prefer artistic and abstract, and can your horse do tricks? Then we can create exciting, mysterious images in, for example, the riding arena at your stables.

* For these sessions studio flashes are used and in some cases a background cloth. Therefore these sessions are always realized at an indoor location, for example at your stable.

** Studio flashes are used indoors. On an outdoor location there's also the opportunity to use studio flashes for a more abstract, dramatic and dynamic effect. Depending on the weather conditions.

Mini Sessions

PMW PHOTOGRAPHY offers two types of Mini Sessions.

Standard: this takes place at a pre-selected location at a fixed time. The theme is more or less determined by the chosen location.

Personalized: You can organize these sessions according to your own wishes. You provide a minimum of 4 people, couples or combinations, who want to participate in the Mini Sessions and you can determine the date, time, location and theme yourself. It is actually a bit of custom work but at reduced costs.

Minimal costs, optimal quality!


Commercial photography is presented in a unique illustrative and creative style. There is always a quotation process for the implementation of this form of business photography. PMW PHOTOGRAPHY photographs at home and abroad, both within and outside Europe. Commercial photography is offered for companies and models (portfolio expansion)

For more information and possibilities you can contact us through this contactform.


As a photographer I can distinguish myself by applying different styles. The two main themes of my storytelling styles are A touch of Darkness and Calm Serenity. The differences of these two themes are very simple, dark and mysterious or dreamy romantic.

The choice we make together depends entirely on your personality, your message and the story we are going to tell. Because as cliché as it may sound, everyone's different.


Adults, children and pets


Studio and outdoor

Mini Sessions

Standard or personalized


Conceptual and Creative



Nice that you contact me! I will answer your question as soon as possible.