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Mini Sessions

Mini Sessions


Standard or personalized

Mini Sessions


A Mini Session is a short session of approximately 30 minutes at a predetermined location, date and time. These sessions, usually, take place outdoors with natural light and are intended for both humans and animals. A maximum of 4 persons / animals applies, or a combination, applies.

A mini session is qualitatively as good as a full session.

On Instagram you can regularly see if new mini sessions are planned and sign up when wanted. You can also book mini sessions on the pages Portraits or Horse and Rider

Mini Sessions


You can personalize this Mini Session entirely according to your own taste and wishes! You provide at least 4 time blocks of 30 minutes (for example 4 people or couples) and you can determine the date, time, location and theme yourself. It is actually custom work but at reduced costs.

Please contact us to schedule a personalized Mini Session. Together duscuss "how", "what", "where" and "when".

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