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Personal and involved



A good portrait is more than just capturing a beautiful face. It's more than setting a pose and pressing a button. That is where I will play a big part in our journey to your story.

Because of my sense of empathy I can read you as a person. Through our conversation prior to a session I can estimate who you are and what moves you in life. The combination of these factors is the starting point of our journey.

Of course I'll keep in mind that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and I am there to lead you through that too. I see it as my job to make it as pleasant as possible for you to pose and I will hereby capture the silent and peacefull moments to fall so that you really recognize yourself when you look at the images.

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In- or outdoor


Your horse is an integral part of your life and has a special place in your heart. I know better than anyone how important your relationship is. My goal as a photographer is to capture the cherished friendship you share in works of art that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I want you to really recognize your horse in the photos, the horse you share your daily life with and all the emotions that come with it. Raw, intense, strong and intimate emotions is what I want to give you for a lifetime memory.

Commercial Photography

Business & Personal Branding

Want to pinpoint your company with a good set of images? Just a little different from the standard corporate images that you often see. Artistic, illustrative or with a wink.

Or Personal Branding. Do you miss your identity in your images? Are you a startup and do you not yet have images that represent your brand?

I can be deployed at various locations, within and outside the Netherlands, to create your image that matches your brand essence.

We discuss the concept, make a plan and then proceed to realization.

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